Big gathering on

Information Security

April 4-6 2022, Hybrid event

Collaborating event of the

SéQCure, by Québec Numérique.

SéQCure is a cybersecurity gathering within Québec’s Cyberweek, the Semaine numériQC. Each year, it brings together representatives of all stakeholders in the fast-paced field of cybersecurity. The experience presents itself in a day of lectures, workshops reproducing a real context of cyber-security technologies, and networking activities to foster greater collaboration amongst professionals.

Throughout the whole Semaine numériQC, other events will also take place on the app. These latter will be focused on related topics such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and insurtech; areas where security plays a crucial role.

Participants of the Semaine numériQC will have the opportunity to learn about the reality of cybersecurity and bring back that knowledge in their own field of work or just tag along to satisfy one’s curiosity.

SéQCure is not only for cybersecurity professionals. It’s a channel to spread the cybersecurity’s mainspring in all digital fields within the Semaine numériQC.

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The speakers for this year's event will be known in the next months.

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Erreur 500 - Consultez la version FR du site Web pour connaître les sujets des conférences!

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Nicolas-Loïc Fortin

Nicolas-Loïc Fortin


Élément distinctif Garde des secrets

Plaisir coupable Dormir

Fun fact Les pingouins ont des genoux

Magie 7

Combat 10

Furtivité 0.08

Marie-Ève Fortin

Marie-Ève Fortin

Communications Master

Élément distinctif Responsable du bonheur des gens

Plaisir coupable Oreo

Fun fact Le poivre frais existe

Magie 7

Combat 3

Furtivité 8

Vincent Bergeron

Vincent Bergeron

Parnership Boss

Élément distinctif Paranoïaque de service

Plaisir coupable Lindt

Fun fact Dilbert est un cartoon

Magie Paladin

Combat Lawful

Furtivité Good

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Pricing - in-person :

Presale : 275 $ for 3 days

Regular : 375 $ for 3 days

Student : 75 $ per day

Pricing - virtual :

Regular : 175 $ for the Semaine numériQC complète (April 4-8, 2022)

Student : free (with proof)