Generative Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity: Challenges, Strategies and Perspectives for 2024

Discover one of the most significant phenomena of the technological era: the integration of generative Artificial Intelligence in the field of cybersecurity. The year 2023 was a watershed year, seeing many cybersecurity players adopt this technology to increase analyst productivity, automate processes and refine threat detection.

This conference will plunge you into the heart of this revolution, addressing the dazzling speed of the evolution of generative AI and the challenges it raises: from the mitigation of hallucinations to questions of costs and licensing, without forgetting the issues of legal responsibility in an often vague legal framework.

We will explore crucial questions: Should we develop our own foundation model or favor fine tuning and prompt engineering? How can we train and optimize our models in times of GPU shortage? What is the best choice between cloud and local solutions, and between monolingual or multilingual models?

Through a detailed review of these issues, I will share my experience in implementing this technology at a cybersecurity leader, revealing aspects often invisible to customers. Finally, I will engage in a prospective analysis, considering the future directions of generative AI in cybersecurity for 2024, both from a defensive and offensive perspective.

Join us for an immersion into the future of cybersecurity, where generative artificial intelligence is redefining the rules of the game.

About the speaker

David Girard has been Senior Director of Product Management at Trend Micro since 2010, where he leads the development of artificial intelligence in the Trend Vision One (2023) platform.

Its expertise extends to XDR, API, third-party integration and cyber intelligence functions. With over 25 years of cybersecurity experience in various private and government organizations, David is a recognized and respected leader in his field.

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