Industrial cybersecurity and its challenges

In a world where critical infrastructures are increasingly dependent on digital technologies, the cybersecurity of operational technologies (OT) and industrial control systems (ICS) is a crucial issue.

My presentation will cover the following points:

  • Definition and importance of industrial cybersecurity: What is industrial cybersecurity, and how does it differ from traditional IT cybersecurity? Why has it become a priority for organizations?
  • Panorama of past TO attacks: An overview of major attacks on critical infrastructures and their devastating impact (Stuxnet, Sandworm, etc.).
  • Industrial cybersecurity issues and challenges: Increased risks for the security of people, goods and essential services. Specific challenges linked to the diversity of systems, the complexity of environments and the lack of specialized skills.
  • Solutions and best practices to protect TO/SCI: Implementation of a robust and proactive cybersecurity strategy adapted to the specific needs of organizations. Adoption of best practices and security technologies dedicated to TO/SCI environments. Importance of training and raising staff awareness of cyber risks.

Together, we will demystify industrial cybersecurity and understand its challenges.

About the speaker

Camille Felx Leduc is an industrial control systems security consultant. With a background in electrical engineering, she specializes in securing industrial control systems and providing strategic support to her customers.

With over 5 years’ experience, Camille Felx Leduc has played a key role in numerous assessment and consulting projects for customers in the energy, water & waste and manufacturing sectors. Her interventions have strengthened the ability of organizations to detect, respond to and contain targeted attacks, taking into account the specific challenges of the operating environment.

Camille Felx Leduc has a wide range of skills, including risk and vulnerability assessment, development of security roadmaps, implementation of cybersecurity solutions, project and team management, and cybersecurity awareness and training.

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