Technology, weapon of mass destruction!!

Technology is now everywhere and omniscient! It then allows for oppression, violence and even worse in certain conditions and in all spheres of human life and we will see that the spectrum is large and the borders are grayer or even non-existent.

Moreover, all this affects all age stages from 7 to 77 years old, there are no longer many limits here either. We will travel this winding and more than rough path in order to know what we expose ourselves to and especially how we expose others and sometimes without really wanting to hurt either.

Finally, we will see all the possible ways to protect ourselves as much as possible and without living in a cave :) The challenge is not simple, but we will take it up during the presentation, at least I hope so.

About the speaker

Franck Desert (aka PhenixCorp for CTFs) 36 years already in development and security.

Cloud Security Senior (Off&Def Sec) during the day and evening he invests his time in the Cloud and in all the new gadgets in order to play, break and learn to try to concoct Prez and Ctfs for you, which he hopes you will like.

Otherwise, come and talk with him, it’s simpler and over a good beer it’s even better.

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