The phenomenon of decision fatigue in cybersecurity

As a dynamic and constantly evolving field, cybersecurity requires rapid, informed decision-making. However, an often underestimated aspect of this process is decision fatigue, which can compromise the quality of strategic and operational choices in IT security. This presentation will look at decision fatigue, its specific impact on cybersecurity professionals, and offer concrete strategies for overcoming the challenges of the field without being overwhelmed.

Real-life experiences will be shared, illustrating how decision fatigue can negatively influence security operations such as incident management, vulnerability management and offensive security activities. The impact on risk management and strategic planning will also be discussed.

In an era of epidemic burnout and perpetual digital transformation, this phenomenon is becoming increasingly important. This presentation will question whether we need to equip ourselves with AI-based decision support systems, hone our mental skills, adjust our work methods, or perhaps opt for a more relaxed approach, or even live in the wilderness.

About the speaker

Martin is a seasoned cybersecurity professional with over a decade of hands-on experience. His wealth of experience in offensive security stems from many years of consulting, during which he conducted security tests in several business sectors, as well as a period of almost 5 years devoted exclusively to a single organization as technical leader and manager.

His goal is to optimize the use of offensive security talents within companies, constantly seeking to harmonize the varieties of expertise, for a more zen digital world! He is currently establishing a company to provide cutting-edge, modern cybersecurity services.

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