Ensuring security through rapid data analysis

Learning to analyze data at the speed of the business will ensure your security, fraud, and compliance teams can detect and investigate unwanted activity to quickly find anomalies and reduce loss of resources, reputation, and organizational efficiencies. Explore the world of data through your senses and learn how to search for anomalous behavior, transactional anomalies, and leverage Machine Learning (AI?) to experience data.

About the speaker

At an early age, Matthew had a passion for computers and game theory; he started out setting up computers at trade shows and managed an ISP while at university.

As the dependent of two government intelligence officers, Matthew was raised in several countries, including Japan and Italy, and later applied his real world knowledge to his passion. With over three decades of substantial experience Matthew was a critical part of maturing several startups and integrating cutting edge technology with real world productivity.

Proficient in several languages, Matthew is also the youngest candidate to ever run for Governor of Louisiana, a former National Guardsman, and a former elected member of his town’s Economic Development Commission.

“Constantly looking for ways to automate and optimize processes and increase revenue; I help companies achieve their financial and strategic goals through non-oppositional strategies.”

Specialties: Diplomacy, cross-group interpretation, startup maturation, corporate structure and process, efficient solutions architecture and fraud detection.

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