CyberResilience Seminar

Seminaire CyberResilience

Duration: 6 hours of total immersion

  • 3 hours of conferences and enriching round tables in the morning
  • 3 hours of a captivating CyberCrisis simulation in the afternoon

Target audience

Open to all crisis management enthusiasts - whether you are a seasoned professional or simply curious to learn how to effectively manage crisis situations in any organization.

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Schedule of the day :

Morning: Inspirations and strategies

  • 1st Conference: Calm down. Between overorganization and disorganization
    • Speaker: Nicolas-Loïc Fortin
    • We offer an in-depth, nuanced exploration of cybersecurity incident management, focusing on the vital balance between overorganization and disorganization. We’ll take a close look at how extremes of preparedness and responsiveness can influence an organization’s ability to respond effectively to cybersecurity crises.
    • We will address the dangers of over-organization, where excessively rigid processes can limit responsiveness and adaptability, leading to a counter-productive reliance on “autopilot”. At the same time, we’ll highlight the risks inherent in disorganization, where a lack of preparation and structure can result in chaotic, incoherent responses, under the pretext of “managing when the time is right”.
    • Drawing on real-life case studies and detailed analysis, this presentation will guide you in finding the optimal balance for effective, yet calm, incident management. We’ll share proven strategies for developing crisis response plans that combine flexibility and structure, enabling organizations to react quickly and orderly to diverse threats.
    • At the end of this presentation, you’ll leave with the essential tools and knowledge to design a “just enough” elaborate crisis management plan, equipping you with the skills to navigate your next cybersecurity crisis with confidence and serenity.
  • 2nd Conference: Building cyber resilience one step at a time
    • Speaker: Serge Drolet
    • In a complex, highly interconnected environment, strengthening the cyber resilience of our organizations and implementing effective crisis management are essential. Adequate preparation and continuous adaptation of your strategy in response to risks can ensure your organization’s longevity and peace of mind.
    • To achieve these goals, let’s draw inspiration from recently updated best practices, such as the NIST CSF framework (2024), ISO 27000 standards (2022) and the BCI and DRI business continuity methodologies. Aiming for excellence while remaining pragmatic. From a global vision, let’s start with simple, progressive steps, adapting certain measures to the context of our Quebec organizations.
    • Practical experience is irreplaceable. We will analyze a crisis management plan for an SME subject to certain compliance requirements. We’ll explore key concepts such as major roles and responsibilities, crisis triggers, intervention protocols, communication mechanisms and lessons learned. You’ll also receive useful tools and references, often available free of charge.
  • Conference 2: Title to come
    • Speaker: coming soon
    • Description: coming soon
  • Round Table: Cybersecurity is good, Cyberresilience is better!
    • Speakers: Nicolas Loïc Fortin, Serge Drolet and Jean Philippe Racine
    • Moderator: Alexandre Fournier
    • Description :
      • In a world where cyberattacks are not the exception, but the rule, relying solely on cybersecurity is insufficient. This crucial round-up takes you to the heart of cyber resilience, the key for any business wishing to not only survive, but thrive in the face of digital threats.
      • Come and discover with leading experts how to move from passive defense to a proactive and adaptable strategy. Learn how to turn risks into benefits and make cyber resilience the foundation of your success in today’s digital landscape.
      • An essential session for those who want not only to understand, but also to dominate the dynamics of tomorrow’s digital resilience.

Afternoon: Action and application

  • Interactive crisis simulation: Sh!Tty day!
    • Tool offered:* Crisoscope
    • Description :
      • Immerse yourself, as a team, in a strikingly realistic crisis simulation, designed around a fictional company specially created for this exercise.
      • Face the challenges of an intense cyber crisis live, as if you were really immersed in it. Navigate through a chain of unexpected events and twists in a constantly evolving context.
      • This experience offers you the unique opportunity to learn from diverse scenarios and benefit from feedback shared by other participants. More than a simple scenario, this immersive simulation is a real skills catalyst, equipping you in a concrete way to confidently face real crises.
      • Prepare to be transformed by this experience: it not only tests your reflexes in a crisis situation, it refines your judgment, strengthens your decision-making capacity and prepares you to be an effective leader in times of crisis.

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