Rethinking IT architecture for cybersecurity “IT architecture needs to rethink itself”

The architectures developed over the last two decades are riddled with dark corners and weaknesses that open the door to cybercriminals. When we consider that the goal is to have greater visibility of what’s going on in the environment, we need to rethink the technology selection process to ensure maximum integration.

“Less is more”, Simplify, to maximize compatibility, reduce blind spots and, above all, enable operations teams to delve deeper into the selected technology portfolio, instead of mastering a centimeter deep by 1 km wide. Fewer technologies, improved cybersecurity.”

About the speaker

With over 28 years’ experience as a technical architect, René-Sylvain is a renowned specialist and founder and CEO of Indominus since 2017. Having worked for leading consulting firms, governments, telecoms, aerospace and small and medium-sized enterprises, René-Sylvain has leveraged his technical expertise and strategic vision to lead Indominus to success.

As a Microsoft partner for more than 20 years, René-Sylvain has been fortunate to build excellent relationships within the company, and to benefit from the training of some of its top specialists. This asset has enabled Indominus to position itself as a leader in the fields of consulting, artificial intelligence and managed security services.

As part of Indominus’ international expansion, René-Sylvain has just completed a 15-day mission to France and Morocco, where he strengthened ties between local companies and partners. This marks a major step forward in the realization of Indominus’ 10-year vision to eliminate cybercrime and make it a distant memory.

Under René-Sylvain’s leadership, Indominus is mobilizing to fight cybercrime worldwide, using cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches to protect organizations and individuals. With a collaborative approach, René-Sylvain and his team are working to put an end to the scourge of cybercrime by mobilizing around the hashtags #CybercrimeisDead and #StoptheBully.

Driven by a passion for helping others and creating a safer world for all, René-Sylvain is convinced that Indominus’ expertise will help shape a future free of cybercrime, where businesses and individuals can prosper without fear.

With a steadfast commitment to excellence and an unwavering determination to eradicate cybercrime, René-Sylvain is ready to lead Indominus and its partners towards a safer and more promising future for all.

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