Securing AI like Google, with SAIF

AI is rapidly transforming the world and is poised to revolutionize industries as profound as the Internet, electricity and printing.

As a cybersecurity expert at Google, I’ve gained insight into the emerging AI security landscape.

Interacting with customers who are implementing AI within their organizations, I’ve seen the breadth of AI security challenges that permeate every aspect of a company’s operations.

This session will delve into my experiences at Google, highlighting the urgency of AI security preparedness and equipping you with strategies to proactively address these challenges.

About the speaker

Nicolas Bédard is a Google Cloud solutions architect specializing in cybersecurity. Working in IT for 20 years, Nicolas holds industry certifications such as Google Professional Cloud Architect (PCA), Professional Cloud Security Engineer, Palo Alto Networks PCNSE, Forrester Zero-Trust Strategist and is based in Montreal, Canada.

Also teaching cybersecurity courses as a lecturer at McGill University, Nicolas enjoys helping everyone understand how technology works, whatever their professional background or experience.

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