Code name: “Korean story gone wrong”.

A true story of the discovery of a Korean “spyware”, which was unknowingly a precursor to new regulations in terms of mobile app privacy.

The aim of the story is to highlight the importance of the new privacy laws and expose bad industry practices.

These lead to interesting discoveries affecting both companies and their employees in their personal lives.

About the speaker

Mickael Nadeau is co-founder of CYBERDEFENSE.AI. He oversees the integration of the technologies required to realize the company’s vision.

His expertise is based on previous experience as director of the software engineering department at a major cybersecurity company, as well as a member of the R&D team and vulnerability researcher at a leading US web hosting company.

His personal research and involvement in the cybersecurity community have often led him to end up at conferences or even on podcasts to talk about unusual cybersecurity topics.

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