March 1st - 14:30


DevSecOps, the common toolbox for developers and security operations


Join us in our overview of different attack vectors studied by the Unit42 research team at Palo Alto Networks and how a DevSecOps approach can help bring security and development teams together and implement the continuous loop of hybrid cloud posture improvement. Docker, Kubernetes, Azure, GCP, SCM, CI/CD and GitOps will be on the menu to unify two traditionally parallel teams.

Presented by Kevin C-Dubois


About Alex Bedard

Kevin C-Dubois is a Solution Architect at Palo Alto Networks covering the Eastern Canada market to help enterprises implement their DevSecOps practice using the CNAPP Prisma Cloud solution and the toolkit provided by popular DevOps projects and cloud providers. Previously, he worked in various verticals of the Quebec and Canadian customer base as an SE at Palo Alto Networks and Cisco since 2015, specializing in the cybersecurity portfolios of both manufacturers.