ZTaaS (Zero Trust as a Service): Enabling your transition to a Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA)


Over the last decade, the Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) has become the new standard for IT security: while the basic concepts of ZTA have remained unchanged, the architecture itself has evolved significantly over the same period to add identity, systems, contextual telemetry, feedback loops, continuous assessment, etc., to the initial micro-segmentation concept.

Having accompanied many companies in their efforts to deploy their ZTA over the last 10 years, we must admit that few of them have been able to implement it despite their real desire to adopt it. This failure is primarily due to the complexity of the underlying infrastructure required by ZTA.

Along with the evolution of ZTA, we have seen the adoption of cloud computing and its principles, allowing IT organizations to reduce or abandon infrastructure management and redirect their resources to business-relevant services.

What happens when we use cloud computing to deliver ZTA as a service? Democratized access to implementing ZTA in your environment

This session is designed for CTOs and security managers, cloud, network and security specialists, and enterprise and application architects.

Presented by Bruno Germain


AboutBruno Germain

Bruno Germain is a solution architect covering large Canadian enterprises and the public sector for Zscaler. As early as 2008, he worked on the development of standards for virtual networks (MiM / SPB / virtual routers) and joined the Nicira team in 2012, introducing “Software Defined Networking (SDN)” to North American enterprises, a technology that would revolutionize the way we design network services and enable new approaches to secure data centers. Since 2014, he has been implementing Zero Trust Architectures (ZTA) and has been able to work and present jointly with John Kindervag on the topic. He holds a large number of certifications and has held positions at several manufacturers, carriers and most recently at Google to develop and implement innovative solutions here and abroad.