March 2nd - 9:00


Where does the Threat Intel you consume every day really come from?


The importance of integrating Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) into the defense plan of any organization that has reached a certain level of maturity in cybersecurity is clear. CTI allows to enrich existing tools to increase threat detection & identification capabilities and to add context around new attacks to be able to decide the best actions to take to protect against them.

If a lot has been said about the use of CTI from the point of view of organizations that use it (or should!), the production side of CTI is less known. Based on his experience over the past 12 years managing teams dedicated to cyber threat research and CTI production, Alexis will explain how the work of researchers and analysts translates into useful CTI for organizations that have to defend themselves against increasingly sophisticated attackers.

Specifically, this presentation will explain different pillars of CTI production through different concrete examples.

Presented by Alexis Dorais Joncas


About Alexis Dorais Joncas

Alexis Dorais-Joncas leads Proofpoint’s targeted attack research team. Their goal: to identify and understand these attacks in order to protect their customers against these dedicated and persistent attackers.

Prior to joining Proofpoint, Alexis spent more than 10 years as the Director of ESET’s Montreal R&D center, where he was responsible for studying malware used in attacks against its customers.

Throughout his career, Alexis has had the privilege of speaking on cybersecurity to a variety of audiences, including Northsec, Sector, Rightscon and Botconf. Alexis received her Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Sherbrooke.