Cyberattack - Feedback from 2 years after day 0!


For years we have heard “it’s not ‘if’ we will suffer a cyber attack, but rather ‘when’”. This sentence is true and it makes sense, but we also underestimate what happens from day 0 of the incident and in the months and years that follow…

By dissecting the different phases experienced following a major cyber attack on his organization, Alex will share his experience and his findings that have changed his perceptions on the management of major cyber attacks beyond the technical aspects and theory.

Presented by Alex Bédard


About Alex Bedard

For the past 20 years, Alex Bédard has been working and getting involved in information security in the Quebec City area. Having participated in various security projects in several organizations (public service, health, insurance, etc.), it is towards security governance that his interest and expertise has developed. For Alex, it is the ultimate way to train and sensitize leaders and key players to information security and to help them define the best strategies, maximizing the strengths of all lines of defense. Exchanging, sharing and evolving based on everyone’s experiences is what motivates him the most professionally! If he is able to answer your questions, he will gladly do so, but he may have some for you.